Image Management Procedures

Part 1 - Uploading Images and Data 

Introduction and Overview

  • All management processes of zenfolio begin by LOGGING IN to the My Zenfolio home page and selecting MY ZENFOLIO Edit.

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  • In ZENFOLIO, the terms Images and Photos are synonymous ,  Folders and Sub-folders are graphically shown; however, the folders are usually referred to as Groups. For example, Contents is the site root Group (folder). 

    All folders are tiered below Contents. For example Products is a sub-folder of Contents

    Photos (images) are stored in a Gallery.  A Gallery is a group of photos. Note the Gallery icons are not the same as folder icons.


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  • We do not use ZENFOLIO categories; but we do name our Galleries to match our old categories.  Currently zenfolio allows only specific names for their categories - we do not use them in zenfolio.

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  • Most of the procedures you will perform can be accessed from the main panel.  Zenfolio labels them as Common Tasks.
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Steps and Related CommonTasks to Perform to place images into website
Note: Steps 1 thru 4 are not performed in zenfolio

1. Shoot image

2. Categorize image

3. Process image

4. Add image data (information) to the database.

a. Include Title, Description, and Keywords.  These will be used in step 5.a.

5. Upload all the images to folder PMJPG into their corresponding Galleries (categories).  REFER TO THE LINKED PAGE for UPLOAD HELP: Ensure each new image is in its correct PMJPG gallery.

a. Next, you will be copying information from the database and pasting into the Title, and Keyword areas related to each individual image.  REFER TO THE LINKED PAGE for DETAILS:

b. Copy Title, and Keywords data from data base to each of the newly uploaded images in PMJPG Gallery categories.  Do not proceed to the next step (6.) until ALL images have been completed.  These images and related data are the master sources for the Products, Commercial, What's New, and All Images galleries.

6. Copy the new PMJPG images and their data from each PMJPG Gallery and paste the image and data into the following Galleries (ensure each new image is in correct gallery/category) for each image using the Image Properties panel.

a. "Products"

b. "Commercial"

c. "What's New"

d. "All Images

7. Review each Gallery you have copied images and data into and verify its accuaracy before proceeding to the Gallery Update Steps and Related Tasks. 

Click here  to continue to Image Management Procedures   Part 2 - Gallery Update.